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Today's Featured Card is . . .

Why make 1 card when you can make 3!?!

For the latest Taylored Expressions card kit release called Patterned Pieces I created the card on the left using all of the kit ingredients as well as one of my favorite stencils - Rotating Hearts as well as several other Taylored Expressions card making goodies. So while I had the stencil and inks out I decided to make 2 panels. One panel was used to cut the "quilt" pieces for my Patterned Pieces project and with the scraps from that card and the additional heart stenciled panel I created the other two cards.

I always like to share my "In Progress" and sometimes my "CrafterMath" photos in my blog posts so here are a few of my "In Progress" photos for you. As you can see, even on the best days there will be "CrafterMath" 😉. Maybe not the best IG worthy photos but that's not the point. I take these while I'm in the middle of projects so I have a catalog of the items I used. How many times have you cleaned up along the way then can't remember what you just used? Not to worry ... it happens to all of us so take my advice and shoot some pics along the way! I take photos then catalog them in the EverNote program that I use to keep everything documented and organized. Yep, you guessed it! I'm one of those annoying OCD type people 😂! Organize, organize, organize. Document, document, document! LOL 😆

If you have any questions about these cards, the products I used, my process, using EverNote, etc. don't hesitate to reach out! I'm always here to help.

Thanks for stopping by and I truly hope I've inspired you to get crafty today!

xoxo, Deby 💕

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