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Today's Featured Card is . . .

Let's talk about Calendar Pockets today.

I created 2 separate calendars for the Taylored Expressions 2025 Calendar Release this week and on both of them I created pockets for displaying as well as for storage. I've had several people ask for details so let's get started!

For this calendar I created a decorative "ledged pocket" to hold the artwork or in this case the Square Calendar Cards - Cats & Dogs. I first cut some very narrow pieces of cardstock for the sides and bottom to create that ledge. I just used some of the decorative strips I cut using the TE Easy Strips - Patterns die. I should have taken a photo before I applied the glue but you get the idea.

I wanted to check my measurement and placement before adhering the front decorative piece to the pocket so taped one of the calendar cards down with low tack tape so I didn't cover up the cute saying on the card.

This next photo shows the bottom ledge piece after I glued it down (I just used a scrap piece of the decorative strip). Once the glue dried I cut the bottom off of that ledge piece so it was even with the bottom of the square card holder - making a clean square. Then I adhered one more decorative piece on top, attaching it to the 2 side and the bottom ledge piece to complete the pocket.

In this photo you can see the pocket completed and how the Calendar Card slips right into place! Attach that to the larger calendar frame and you're all set!

When I had reached this point I was like ... "It would be nice to have somewhere to store these cards so they don't get misplaced or lost", so then the back pocket was created!

For the green storage pocket I grabbed a scrap piece of cardstock measuring 5-1/2" long x 2-1/2" wide. I creased the two short sides at 1/2" then back onto itself by 1/4" (creating a z-fold). Then for the bottom I did the same z-fold to create a wide enough pocket to hold all the Calendar Cards. I then applied two-sided tape on all three sides and placed it onto the back of the calendar base ABOVE where the calendar base will sit in the TE Walnut Wood Display Stand as seen below.

You might have noticed the doubled-up bottom edge of the blue calendar base ... I did that so it'd fit more snuggly into the Display stand.

For this calendar I created the same type of ledged pocket to hold the calendar panel so they could easily be switched out. Just enough room to slip the panel in and out but not too big so the calendar panel doesn't fit too loosely.

Whew! That was a lot and I hope it makes sense. If you need measurements or have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm always here to help. =)

Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to see your calendar creations on the TE FB Fan Page!

xoxo, Deby 💕

Here are some links for the some of the items I used.

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